Abe Zam Zam Essay In Urdu

In this amazing world we have heard many miracles, often seen the strange incidents everywhere but here are several things that if we come across the real story of it then we will be amazed that how it can happen? Or we will think about this world that it’s a place of curiosities. In the Muslim world there are also great historical places, and amazing stories or we can say realities which we can read in Quran-e-pak. Being a Muslim every Muslim knows about Abe-zam zam,. Name of a healthful, clean & neat water Abe-zam zam, millions of Muslims every year on the occasion of hajj they use this wonder water and also brings to their houses and for their relatives.     

 The great ALLAH tells in QURAN-e-Pak the real story of Abe-Zam Zam. Prophet Ismail   (pbuh) was a son of Prophet Abrahim (pbuh), he was the first one child of Prophet Ibrahim and also eldest son. Prophet Ibrahim hasn’t any child even he’s 80 years old and then he pray to ALLAH to gave him children. At last The ALMIGHTY ALLAH showed this glad tiding in the dream of Prophet Ibrahim that soon he will get a son in this old age. Prophet Ismail was a son of his second wife Bibi Hajira. Bibi Hajira was also maid of Bibi Sarah, first wife of Prophet Ibrahim. Prophet Ibrahim hadn’t any child from his first wife.

 After the birth of Prophet Ismail the Almighty ALLAH ordered Prophet Ibrahim in his dream that take Bibi Hajira and new born baby to the Hijaz and we know that place as Mecca. The first wife of Prophet Ibrahim also said him to that take his second wife and new born to another place. So prophet Ibrahim took both of them to hijaz. At that time in the hijaz weren’t any population, nor water, grassy fields and any tress because that area was a desert. But prophet Ibrahim took his family to that desert and left them for only trust on ALLAH. When prophet Ibrahim left bibi Hajira. They placed the child where now Kabba’s stand.

 In ruined desert bibi Hajira got worry about meal and water because she hadn’t enough. After some time she hadn’t anything to eat and drink but she wasn’t worrying herself, she worried about her child Ismail. Prophet Ismail was thirsty and crying rapidly, she couldn’t see her child in this condition so she placed prophet Ismail there and bibi Hajira ran seven times from the hill of Safa to Murwa in search of water. At last the ALLAH showered blessings on that mother and suddenly the water came out from the earth where prophet Ismail was laying on the ground. On her 8th round she saw a stream near her son, the water was coming out from earth and flowing very fast, and then the bibi Hajira said to it ZAM ZAM means stop- stop.

 After happening of this miracle that place got cultivated, and now million’s of Muslim’s every year perform hajj here. They drink this marvel water. After passing thousands of years this water is still coming out from earth but now it is in a shape of well because in the early days people made a wall around it and its adopted the shape of well. The people use this water for restoration of health, and people also get cure and health amazingly.

By Rehana Khan

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