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Personal Statement


6/13/17- I enrolled at Erie Community College this past year. I entered into the medical field looking at: nursing and radiation Tech. Due to scheduling I've been taking courses toward nursing which did not interfere with playing softball. In my freshman year I ended up with a total 3.1 GPA and am currently taking summer courses to get ahead of my acedemic requirements   Also im very proud of how I and the team played   We made the playoffs for the first time in 19 years   My stats will be uploaded along with new pitching film   I am looking to find a new home and where my softball skills and academic goals can be met    My stats for college have been updated under the club area of the profile. I was 8-2 with 1 save in conference play, told I was the 3rd most effective pitcher in the conference.   Please contact me if you are interested in my potential and possibility of joining your athletic family

 4/11/16- I was at Broome Community College and after the first semester the school was not a fit for me so I withdrew   I did not play a game so I'll be transferring as a freshman with 12 credits earned. Im excited about looking for a new home  currently im working out and pitching  going to put done new videos up   I was going to be one of the starting pitchers and play first base when not pitching   We didn't play fall ball but I worked out 3-4 times per week and was told I had D1 control with all my pitches   Which are a fastball, changup, screwball, curve and drop ball   I had tremd osu movement and control over my pitches   I change speeds and keep batters off balance   At first or playing the outfield I have a very good glove, very strong arm and can cover  a lot of ground    I work hard and never missed a workout many times being only 1 of 2or 3 girls showing up. Im looking forward to attending a school where my accademic and athletic skills can be utilized to be successful   Im an excellent team player and very coachable   I'll be putting up new videos within the next few weeks.  

8/15-  In the firecracker tournament in Denver: I pitched was 2-1, had a no-hitter going into the 7th against an all-star team from Illinois,   gave up 1 hit with 1 out and leading 2-0 I was replaced and put in left field where I made an over the head catch and then turned and threw a girl out at third who was tagging up from second. this team was 4-0 beating everyone by 10 plus runs many of the girls had signed D 1 offers and I kept them off balance, had 5 ko's and only walked 1.  was 1-2 with a single and a walk and was abele to show my versatility with what I did in LF. I pitched real well the rest of the tournament against teams from Calf. and Texas.  this was the last tournament I played with the tremors.  It seems as quickly as the season started it ended, we lost our first round in the playoffs and it was very disappointing and I  How-ever Ive currently joined the TC TREMORS 18u ELITE team and will be playing in 6 tournaments with them this summer.  Just got back from NJ. we have 3 pitchers on staff all splitting time and I pitched 2 innings per game:  I have new video up and will be updating as the summer goes on.  Stats:  This last tournament: Pitching:  6 innings pitched, no walks, 2 singles given up, 2k's, no runs given up. Batting: 3-7, 2 walks, 1 stolen base, 1 RBI.  Fielding: pitching- 3 put outs, Left field- caught 2 fly balls;  Looking forward to the trip to Denver Colorado playing in the fire cracker tournament.  I will up date as I can.

5/13/15- another great game:  Last night I pitched a complete game, 7 innings of 3 hit ball. stuck out 8 and walked 1 on our way to a 16-2 win, I go 8-0  Feels so good lol, we are 10-3, 

here is my 2015 stats; hitting:  14-25  10 singles, 1 double 2 sacrifice bunts, 15 RBI's, fielding:  no errors when playing first base 6 assists , Pitching: 8-0,  43 innings pitched, 21 put-outs, 32 strike outs, 4 walks, 5 earned run. 1 fielding error in that horrible weather.

3/2/15- In august of this past year I signed a LOT to attend college and play softball at Tenn. Temple University.  My family and I received a call t from Coach Crawford and Coach Turner letting me know that TTU and the athletic department have dropped all their sports programs as of June 2015.  The University is merging with another college in North Carolina.  The scholarship offered was a very nice one and I was looking forward to attending school and playing softball for the university, city, state and coaches; however NOW other doors may open.  Im now looking for another opportunity with a college that is committed to academics and softball program.  I will be putting up a new pitching video very soon.  By signing early I have worked very hard on getting in the best shape I can and working on my pitching.  I am excited what I have to offer and you wont be sorry.    Both coach Crawford and Coach turner have offered themselves as a reference for my character, hard work and softball skills.  They can be reached at:   Coach Nate Tompkins: 1-423-838-1270    Coach Crawford can be reached at 1-423-432-3352/ 1-423-493-4238   they are looking forward to helping me and other recruits find a new home.  I am excited about this new adventure and opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.  :)) Nikki

8/11/14- played for 3 travel teams the session is over, in one case we had to cancel 3 tournaments because of lack of players, it was a struggle but diversity helps build character and thats what this year was about,except for Team USA. 

TEAM USA, 16u  Ive been asked to play again next year. I will be going to the Dominican  next july to play for Team USA . I Just   returned from Italy; first it was an experience of a lifetime, I made many new friends and the coaching staff was awesome. to be coached by an Olympian in Head Coach Christie Ambrosi and the other staff was a privilege and honor.  To gain experience playing international is something Ill remember my entire life!! As far as softball:  we played 6 games; 3 head to head games and 3 games where both teams where split up for fun.  

We had 8 pitchers on the team I was considered the second pitcher, I also played OF and 1st base.  during the games we pitched 2-3 innings max.  And we played against ladies who where 20-30 years old in some of the games.  my stats: 7 innings pitched,  0 ERA, no hits out of the infield, 3 ko's, 1 walk, made some put outs in the OF and some nice throws to keep runners from advancing, Batting: .500, 1 HR, 4 RBI's, 5 stolen bases, scored 3 times.  My play and character has led me to be invited to play again next year and Coach Ambrosi said I could play for her anytime.  So Im looking forward to playing again somewhere internationally next year.


Orchard Park Starz 18u; second tournament, August 1-4, Dawg Days in Huron Ohio

the tournament was a lot of fun as a team we learned a lot basically we are a young 16u team we we as a team made many errors that teams really capitalized on.  but i learned the areas I need to work on and im looking forward to personally getting better and the team improving.  It was awesome experience and I look forward to our next one.

Pitching: 1-3-1, era 2.55, 30  ko's, 8 walks, hit one batter in 38 innings of work. 

Hitting; 16-29, BA: .551, 5 walks OBP: .618, scored 5 times, hit by a pitch, 2 sacrifices,  3 stolen base, 15 put-outs 1 error, also played short stop, second base  and left field and center field, no errors 8 put-outs.

Southtown Rage 16U:  14-20 .700 BA,  .727 OBP, 2 walks  6 RBI's, 10 stolen bases, 4 doubles, scored 6  runs

have played left field, and now due to the amount of errors the team is making im playing short stop:  Its a very young team and they are learning.    Im filling in when they need a player as a favor for former coach, Jeff Zimba

Pitching; 0-1.   1.55 era, 15 ko's,  1 walks  18 innings  6 hits

defense:  shortstop;  9 putouts, no errors, left field:   10 fly ball outs, have thrown 1 girl out at second and 2 trying to take third and 1 trying to take home  Pitcher:  10 put-outs and 3 double plays with balls hit back to me and then I threw a runner out who was leading too far. 

6/18/14- New video up in which im working on my rise ball and screwball based on what I learned at the Jennie finch Softball camp.  Also my dad talked with Doug Finch who is sending me the windmill to work on.  Im so excited to have this level of coaching and the interest the Finches have given me and Mr. finch wants to see my ongoing progress. Im very grateful and looing forward to continued improvement in all areas. 

5/4/14-new video up, a little rough but my dad will have a better one up bu next week.

The HS season has finally started but there have been many re-scheduling and cancelations due to the weather;   Totals so far as of 5/18/14: 

PITCHING: 4-0, 30 innings pitched, , 3 earned run, .90 ERA 7 hits 32  ko's, 3 walks,  14 put-outs

HITTING: 8-12, ,666 BA  .733 OBP , 2 doubles, walked 3 times, 7 rbi's   

I am registered with the NAIA: registration number is 0163796

Currently I ve begun working with a new pitching coach Kara Husband, which i am very excited about, in 3 short weeks we have made great strides in improving my mechanicues and speed.  How-ever, my ball moves alot and i can mix up/down left to right and change speeds which keep batters off balance.  I will be putting up new pitching video within the month to show the work ive put into what I love.  thanks for the interest and I can be reached at  A little side note with basketball, I lead section 6 in 3 point shooting this year with 41% from the arch. alo Im signed up and set to take the act's and SAT and my psat was 1200.

I have very exciting news; I've been asked to play for Team America in Italy this summer (July) i'm pumped and getting ready for this. out of so many girls, its an honor that im very much looking forward too and an experience that will only enhance my softball skills.  to represent our country and to play with girls from all over america is a dream come true!!  I can't wait.


NEW UPDATE: !!! VERY IMPORTANT -Coaches my email address was hacked and erased, if you have been sending me any emails, I have not received them.  I am sorry for this inconvenience and my new email address is:


My name is Nicole Woodward, I am transferring back to Cleveland Hill HS due to academic needs and the athletic opportunities I will have.
 I"ve been playing softball  since I was 8 years old.  Im currently 15 and playing on an older 16u travel team which will be playing in 18u tournaments this year.  I've been playing and starting in high school since I was in 7th grade, which gives me 4 years of high school experience already.  I pitch, (i throw a fastball, change-up, curve, screwball and triple pitch.)  I have thrown 6 no-hitters in my career and numerous 1 and 2 hitters.  My first pitching coach was Kim Griffin who is the Asst. coach at Canisius College, I now take lessons from Bill Hillhouse who was the gold medal pitcher for the USA Olympic team.  I throw strikes, can work the ball inside and outside hitting the corners with control, I pitch in combinations to keep the batters off balance and I have confidence in knowing I can throw any of my pitches at anytime during the count. I can work the ball up or down and inside or out and can change speeds on any of my pitches. I have a lot of movement which makes it difflecult for batters to hit me solid. I am currently enrolled in an elite athletic training program through new era and take it very seriously, I also play firstbase and the outfield,  I have excellent range, and have thrown many people out trying to take extra bases, I throw the ball hard over hand, close to 70mph and am very accurate.  Im an excellent bunter, I hit with power, mostly line drives in the gaps and have an excellent eye at the plate, my on base percentage is over.800.  I pride myself at being a very deversified player that can play many positions and depending on the team I bat 2-6 in the line-up.  Im a smart and excellent base runner and have many delayed and normal steals each season.  I am very athletic as u can see from my videos, I also play varsity basketball and have since 8th grade in which im an excellent shooter, ball handler, passer and defensive player.   I am also working hard at my grades and preparing for the SAT and ACT exams.  Now that I'm going to be a junior, im looking at arts and humanities, sports management amongst other Bachalor degree's . Im not concerned whether I play Division 1,2,or 3 or NAIA but finding the school that feels I will contribute most to the team and that i will obtain an excellent education and will challenge me as a student  and as an athlete is the major priority of mine.  Of course I want to play at the highest level my ability allows, but I will consider many options and not limit myself.

I feel I will be a strong asset to anyones program because I am  coachable, am dedicated and passionate about the game and improving. My videos and statistics will be up-dated often so you will be able to see my improvement as i get stronger over the next few years. I will do anything to contribute to the team and I lead by example.  I work very hard and want to be challenged in every skill level.  I practice and play hard and believe in giving my teachers,school, coach and team mates 150 percent every time I take the field.  I am a positive person have many hobbies outside of sports.  I know if you give me an opportunity, I will do my very best for the team and that you will be proud in how I will contribute to the success of your school and program.  Thank you for considering me, Nicole


8/16/13  Year end States for travel: travel season is over, we may play 1 fall tournament:  Here are my stats: 13-6,  one no-hitter   I 've pitched  150 innings . I"ve had only 39 earned runs;   Here are my stats: PITCHING: 13-6, 1 no-hitter, 95 ko's, 28 walks, only gave up 13 extra base hits, 44 put-outs, 2 errors, ERA: 1.60 Hitting: 21-59 ,  5 walks 8 RBI's, batting average: .356 , OBP: .424 

The team is skipping the second year of 16u and moving to 18u for next year.  Im taking a few weeks off, playing volleyball for my school and I begin working out soon. going to be up-dating videos as I can.

Here are my HS season stats for the season:  PITCHING  7-2, .87 ERA,   48 innings pitched 58 ko's,  8  walks,19 put-outs (no errors fielding, percentage 1.000,, 3 hit batter, HITTING: 19-24, 13 walks, was hit 2 times, 21  RBI's, 19 stolen bases BA:..792, on base percentage: .865, 3 doubles, 3 triples

6/19/13- Received 2013 Defensive player of the year award for my HS, for my pitching and plays I made in the field.


8/16/13 UP-DATE: We ended up in 3rd place in Ohio for the Dawg Days, lost in the semi-finals in a real close game to the eventual champions.  I was 4-0, with only 2 earned runs given up, had numerous strike outs and a couple walks.  had 3 RBI's.  the team played the best we've played all year. 



UPDATES:  After taking a few weeks off from travel softball season, I start my workouts next week and i am starting on my high school volleyball team.

The Importance of an Online Athletic Resume

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