Ways To Improve Public Transport Essay Help

Ways To Improve Public Transport


Efficient public transport makes commuting less appalling for all and attractive to users. There are a number of recommendations that could improve public transport. While some suggestions may take much time to implement because they are expensive and complicated improvement measures, there are a number of inexpensive measures that could be implemented very quickly with profound positive impact on commuters. Some of these inexpensive and easy to implement ways to improve public transport are as follows:

Make Interchanging Easy for Public Transport

Since most public transport aim at linking areas that are outside a city to the city centre, it is also imperative to link outlying areas together. Doing this is beneficial in two ways. In the first instance, it helps people who shouldn’t be at the city centre but needed to pass through because the outlying areas are not connected together to keep off and, hence, reduce congestion at the centre. Also, connecting the outlying areas provide a backup for the public transport system in case of a problem which often happen.

Minimise the Number of Stops/Stations

Stops and stations improves the efficiency of public transport but there should be a balance between enabling accessibility with more stops or stations and reducing the costs of operation by increasing transit speed or ensuring trips are covered in time. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that stops and stations are located on streets to balance accessibility by commuters on one hand and reduce operating costs on the other hand.

Lessen Traffic Congestion by deploying a number of Pragmatic Measures

Reducing traffic congestion at city streets could be done by implementing a number of strategies such as providing lanes dedicated specially for the use of public transport, deploying strict regulations such as parking and turn restrictions, and the use of innovative ideas such as queue bypasses or queue jumps. Another means of reducing traffic congestion is by providing feeds and data from public transport systems freely to commuters to educate and help them avoid areas of traffic congestion and, hence, improve the system through making users more informed.

Giving Priority to Public Transport at Traffic Signals

Giving priority to public buses and trams at traffic signals is an excellent way to improve the operating efficiency by increasing the travel time of these means of public transport. This could be done by deploying traffic engineering mechanism whereby a traffic signal turns green at the sight of a public transport at an intersection.

Composing A Solid Essay On How To Improve Public Transport

Your school days are going to be full of any number of writing assignments. Some of these may be quite unique, and writing about public transport is one. The topic isn’t that difficult and there are a few basic rules to follow in drafting a good essay.

  • Try a Little Brainstorming. You want to write an interesting essay. Teachers do not wish to be bored, and a topic that is out of the ordinary will help your cause. Limit the possibilities to two or perhaps three. That way, if there is not enough research material for one topic, it can be replaced by another.
  • Do a Draft First. Get your initial ideas down on paper. You can always embellish on these and maybe add a few more. The first draft is not going to be the one submitted, so you have the opportunity to test some ideas.
  • Remember the Basic Structure. An essay has an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Each merits its own attention. The Introduction is where you capture the interest of the reader. The Body, perhaps three or four paragraphs in length, is where you give your ideas about improving public transport and supporting arguments, and the Conclusion is where all the loose ends are tied together and you give your final thoughts.
  • Be as Specific as Possible. It means you appeal to logic and facts, not emotions.
  • Craft the Words. A good essay will flow. The words you choose will make reading your composition delightful. Resist being too technical or stuffy. Mark Twain was read because his word choices were easy to understand and got the message across quickly. Keep that in mind and paint a picture with your sentences.
  • Proofread and Revise. Have someone proof read your work and offer constructive criticism. Don’t take any of it personally. Revision is part of the art of writing, and so is editing. Be willing to do both before the final copy is handed in.

Public transport can be an interesting topic if you make it so. That requires writing a paper which is clear and easy to read. This type of subject is a challenge you can easily overcome. Moreover, the work helps create a writing discipline in you which will help in future assignments. You will be writing quite a bit in your school days on any number of topics. Let each assignment be an opportunity for you to become an even better writer.

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