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Workfest Chapter 16/17
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Ka, Kb, Ksp, Kw, acid, base, buffer, common ion effect, equilibrium, le chateliers principle, pH, pOH, solubilityMarch 6, 2018
Workfest Chapter 16/17- Answers
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Chapter 14/15 Workfest Answer Key
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Workfest Ch. 10-13 ANSWERS
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Workfest Ch. 5-7
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calorimetry, electron configurations, orbital diagrams, periodic trends, photospectroscopy, thermochemistryNovember 13, 2017
Workfest Ch. 5-7 ANSWER KEY with FRQ Scoring Guidelines
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Workfest Ch. 8-9 Answers
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December 12, 2017


Unformatted text preview: KEY AP Chemistry Chapter 10 and 5 Practice Test ‘ Multiple—choice exercise (No Calculator) , _ IZ + “4 = 23 1. At a temperature 0 225%K, the molecules of an unknown gas, Z, have an average velocity eqpal to that of CO at 250K. What U: is the ident' f e gas}, 3: LN 30 5.,ng :grggg, E55, “73‘ SO; B) N C) 02 D) CO; E) NO CO : 2. An unknown gas ("A") diffuses at 2 times the rate of carbon dioxlde at identical conditions of pressure and temperature. What is the molar mass of gas "A"? - __ , a x @m-lgr : V? l 355 mass A) 88 g/mol B) 64 g/mol C) 28 g/mol D) 22 g/mol ' 3. You have two samples of the same gas in the same size container, at the same presge. The temperature in the first container is -23 °C and the temperature in the second container is 227°C. What is the ratio of the number of moles of gas in the first container compared to that in the second container? 1. 1:2 £13 313 "T'douhlls so P should. double. 2. 1:1 h..:..'31§?...' . .33" 3-3,, - 5C: “it? swap 9 coast-mi. “ii-ye. 3-. 4:1 ' new: Show. a: of paolloles (motes) mus~i be. . tor a. more 5. 1:4 ' 4. A valve separates two tanks, one containing 8.0 liters of oxygen at 4.0 atmospheres and the other containing 4.0 liters of carbon dioxide at 11.0 atm. When the valve is opened and the two gases are allowed to cometogether, what is-fmal pressure? A) 9.5 atrn Q) 6.33thD C) 8.2 atm D) 3.6 atrn E) 1.8 atrn New v’ la L. 5 . Place the following in order of increasing strength: to 1.6 :1 1’ V 3 P v: P V’ 1.hydrogenbonding HIBWF‘WR li' QIP'lR P rages)? 2. covalent bonding ' ’l’ 5’ of? will» 3 33% “4 3A» 4°" 3. Lonfldpp dispersion forces "a? - B) 1,2, 3 C)3,2,1 D) 1, 3, 2 E) 2,1,3 .. , _E MM 6. Which of the following hydrocarbons has the highest boiling point? film“ ”-05% LE) F “a“ We“ ‘ . M1921“ A) CgHg B) C2H6 C)These are all gases and do not boil D) CH4 C4ngE) 7. The correct order for increasing boiling point among the noble gases is: .2... 1. He 2. Ne 3. Ar 4. Kr 5. Xe This phenomenon is best explained in terms of: -Mwa-mm.x-..._..-.~_..m.amm—--H A) dipole-dipole interaction ( B) ngdon di§2§£§19n forges C) Hund‘s rule Dj'covalent bonding E) hydrogen bonding S. The only intermolecular forces existing between oxygen molecules are: my», .wwmmw. "nu—.9”. -- A) hydrogen bonding forces @ondon dispersipriEfoiE-ges} C) dipole forces D) ion-ion attractive forces 9. An exam-1e of an amorphous solid is: B) gold C) ice D) diamond ‘E) quartz . ,«w— Wank: act 10. Which of the following substances will have the geatest vapoijEprEesEsEuije at 0°C? ,«M..fln. . A) NaCl B) NH; C) H20 D) H20 and NH; ' E) CH4) - 11. Wh.L9,ll,Q,£.Ehe following is not an endothermic (energy 1s absorbed) process? {Ajgeezinmg‘} B) vaporization C) sublimation D) melting 12. Which of“ the following statements is false? F 1. Liquids with strong intermolecular forces tend to have very low boiling points “1' 2. Liquids with strong intermolecular forces tend to have considerable surface tension "T‘ 3. When a substance changes from a solid to a liquid, the molecules remain intact F: 4EM The hardness of diamond is due to strong dipole-dipole attraction (:23) "f“é'n'a’z‘gym 3 and4 C)2and4 D) 1 and3 E) 2and3 13. Whichuofflthe following actions would be likely to change the boiling point of a sample of a pure liquid in an open container? I. Placing it in a smaller container 11. Increasing the number of moles of the liquid in the container 111. Moving the container and liquid to a higher altitude A) I only B) 11 only @nj’gfiip D) II and 111 only E) 1, II, and 111 14. CH3CH20H boils at 78 °C and CH30CH3 boils at - 24 °C,'although both Compounds have the same composition. This difference in boiling points may be attributed to a di encam....wm (A) molecular mass (B) density (C) specific heat . D) hydrogen bonding (E) heat of combustion 6P. 3 MP. of [Ii-Milli is some, as extermi- pmsfis‘urt’ l ' a , 0'7 +0? of MDLmett ‘ii‘i- to’i‘irrnai fumigation“; 15 town!“ so new. ’15 301.0%! 3 a}... 1.”: 43m 3 L1 _ iv «mi-,1: 30 “111.111 ‘l'l’iQ. 1,11,11,11... .. P... 1...... 1.. 15. Samples of F2 gas and Xe gas are mixed 111 a container of fixed volume. The initial partial pressure of the F2 gas is 8.0 atmospheres and that of the Xe gas is 1.7 atmospheres. When all of the Xe gas reacted, forming a solid compound, the pressure of the unreacted F2 gas was 4. 6 atmospheres. The tem era e remained constant. What Is the formula of the compound? (A) XeF (B) Xe}?t5 (C) Xng (D) XeF, $ 16. A sample of an ideal gas is cooled 110111 50 0 ° to 25 0 °C' m a sealed container of constant volume. Which of the following values for the gas will decrease? I. The average molecular mass of the gas 11. The average distance between the molecules III. The average speed of the molecules .(A) I Only (B) II only (C) III only (D) I and 1H 1 (E) II and III 1 Questions 17- 18 refer to the following molecules at th on 1 1ons stated. (131- soggy} miseries at :11 11131112111111 mac 1A1 11,131 molecules at 111-3 atm and semi: (D) 1111,11) molecules at as am and 100°C (B) {32(3) molecules at 3‘3 atm and 2m (3;) 1.111%) mimiies at 20 1111111 and 300°C: 17. Behave most like an ideal gas. C119 Weak TM? and tow {3 18. Have lowest root- mean-square speed © 1.0.1131.“ MM 19. When 6.0 L of He gas and 10.0 L N2 gas, both at 0°C and 1. 0 atm, are pumped into an evacuated 4 0 L rigid container the final pressure in the container at 0°C 15 13110111 V “ ”l ‘- PV: 9" P V7.13 \1 _ m _ (a A) 2.0atm CB):4.0atm:> C) 6.4211111 D) 8.8atm E)16atm " b“ P“ 9- "‘° 'L‘ P 11 PM. 11E11E 20. Of the following, the best ex lanation for the fact that most gases are easily compressed lS Lathat the molecules 1n a gas A) are in constant motion( El) mm“? 131 apaii? C) have relatively small masses D) have a real, nonzero volume 21. At 298 K and 1 atm, bromine 1s a l1quid with a high vapor pressure, whereas chlorine' 15 a gas. This provides evidence that, under these conditions, the W ... ..,-..1. ................-....... 1...... “1...... W1... 11...... Amman...) (Al forces among Brg molecules are geater than those among C12 moleculgs B) forces among Br; 111336313?” are weaker thanfitheiBf'BT’bofldC) Br-Br bond 13 stronger than the C1- C1 bond D) Br- Br bond' is weaker than the C1-C1 bond 22. Which of the following contains both ionic andgo alent bonds? A) 803 B) CZH50H C) Mng D) H28 (E) NI-I4C1 ) 23. Which of the labeled arrows represent hydrogen bonding in water? 11/914" 11 A) a B)b @ D)d xlrh ”KC-3‘ [1 K “1' gkg/ NE» .1 -11.; 1'5“»11 He ‘1 50 '“' ‘15. 1 S, 24. What is the pressure exerted by some nitrogen gas collected in a tube filled with water on a day when the room temperature is 18. 0°C and the room pressure is 750. 0 mm mmHflgngl"l1e vapor pressure of water at 18. 0°C 15 15. 5 mm Hg) A) 15. 5mmHg B)750111mHg CC) 734 5mmH") D) 7600mmHg E)732.0mmHg 25. If a gas that IS confined in a rigid container is heated, the pressure of the gas will (A) morease} B) decrease C) remain the same 26. A mixture of gases at 600 torr contains 3.0 moles of 02 gas, 2.0 moles of He gas, and 5 0 moles of C02 gas. What IS the partial pressure of He gas? V1102. H3. .1. 1311... 5,93,91,31,, :1 WEE. A) 405 torr B) 1620 torr C) 810 torr D) 31. 0 torrCEi 1201319 ‘11“31'" 11.41 V 4.44 '15 1e moi 14E (.00 Am 27. For an ideal gas, which pair of variables are inversely proportional to each other (if all other factors remain constant)? (A)P, V>B)P,T C)V,T D)n,P 28. A real gas would act most ideal at via P 41W» 9T 1...... ,,,,,, .. W “mm A) 1. Oatm and273 K B) 10 atm and 546K C) 10 atm and273 KQO. 5 1.1111121111184831 E) 0.5 atrnand273 k 29. The pressure of 4 0 L of an ideal gas in a flexible container' 1s decreased to 1/3 of its morlgihal pressure and its absolute temperature is decreased by V2. The volume then 13 ER 1 £1? {'51 X A)1.0L B)4.0L (C)6.0L1D)8.0L E)24L 11-") ’ A137,) 30 As the avera e kinetic energy of the molecules of a sample mcreases, the temperature of the sample @increases 13) decreases C) remains the same mum—mun" anncwn Gas . A simple flf an mlmewe. gas from acylimier is, coiieeted (rarer 3 1' were: in the smasher-us shew“ above. After 323 the gas 531!!th MN : & has been-ceilectad, 1115 water leveis inside and outside the yes i schematics tube are made the same. Measurempt: [hat must m0 be made, in calculate the meiar mass 9f the gas include at} of (P V = n RT _ " the feilowizzg EXCEPT (A) atmaspherie measure (13} tempemtme 0f the water-t (C) velame ef .gas in fire gemiiection tube (3} inirial and final mass cf the cylinder m5 3 UWMW "M mass fifths water 11: the. uppers If T 1.; Q» {3 SW? 213 32. A given maSs of gas in a rigid container is heated from 100°C to 311030 Which of the following best describes what will happen to the pressure of the gas? The pressure will 13:33 K 13”“: 3 £1 “.mmlnw' :pthl/‘Anqmm, m1 .1;.1. 1.1.Mm A) decrease by a factor of 3 B) merease by a factor of 3 (increase by a factor less than?) D) decrease by a factor greater than 3 ' “91.11.11“. 11.1111 1111.111 11 1 33. If a gas has a pressure of 2.0 atm, which one of the following equations will express its pressure after 0 the number of moles has been increased to three times the original amount 0 the absolute temperature has been reduced to half _- the volume has been tripled 1 2 X4 - 3 2 l A) P2— 2.0atmx3x l xl C) P2= 2.0atrnx—1x1x5 1, 1111111111131 1 1 3 B) P2=2.0atmxT x— X; D) P2=2.0atrnx§x Ex; I a H H H: H n H H H is F s F H ' 34- | I I | I i I III 1 I I I‘ | HHC—C—C—C—C—C—C—C—C—H H—C— ——C‘ 0—— CW Chi-E I I I I I I i | i I I I I I I [7! H H H H H H H H H. H H H H I ' Nanette 2,3,mfimmwmm Ccnslderfhe molecules rammed abcrve and the detain the {Blade belcw. Command Mniecuim‘ quga “MelarMass Bailing Paint {aimed} _L__C) amnmmm —““ Nansen: $113123 é—tdfluampemm have almost identical melar aisssesi but [mastic has a significantly higher heiliag paint Which 0E [he fciicwing statements best hetps explain this classy-saline? (A) The 6—]? head is emits: in break than the 0—H bend .fl'reg are m231¢mflacmpenlme3 {D} The ambit; saris are farther apart Hr a sample of trauma than use}: are in LIA-hifluewpenlaae. 11 1,141.11.- ‘1‘1 1111.111. 35. At a a given temperature, gaseous ammonia molecules (NH3) have a velocity that is _ gaseous sulfur dioxide molecules "’ (3921:.-.“ _ @greater“ 111713) B) equal to C) less than D) more information needed 36 The 11.116311115311113 velocitifiof SO2(g) to CH4(g) at 300 K ]S w A) 1:4 B) 4:1 {015) D) 2:1 ‘\ 1113,41,; 11,. 11“,; 1 411 1111.11 “H 4.111....» 37. A sealed flask contains 1 molécfiTe of hydrogen for every 3 molecules of helium at 20 °C. If the total pressure is 400 kPa, the arti sure of the h dro en is. p 100 kPa y mg 300 11111 C) 200 kPa D) 400 kPa “:53; 5.1111111 38. Which statement best explains why a confined gas exerts pressure? 11cc 114111141111 ‘11, 111111.131. 11:1 11-3 A) the moleCules are in random motion B) the molecules travel 111 straight‘lmflegrmw‘m C) the molecules attract each other WEEWEOQLHE 111113" the container walls} 39. CH4 Mgafisfland 02 gas are together m a container at 25°C. Which stateméfifiorre'ctly describes the velocities of the two molecules. 11.114111? 331 1131114 Delhi?" ““9"“ ’3 ”it“ r must be 1‘11, was 1 A) The two molecules have the same average velocity. B) The CH4 is moving twice as fast as the O2. ghu1115m101wm1-1ma-FMV" ‘ “Wu-mum. C) The CH4 is movmg faster but no wice as fast as the O2BD) The 02' 1s moving faster than the CH4. --—..........3... .1... Mun...— ._....-..1..- 1W1 .—- 4 4.....- 40. 10 of the following 1s an isomer of CH30CH3? a E; 1 {9‘13 1 1 1:1 A) CH30H3 B) CHSCOOH @H3CHZOHU D) CH3CI-I2Cl-I3 E) CH3CH20CH2CH3 41. A molecular solid coexists with its liquld“ phase at its melting point. The solid—liquid mixture is heated, but the temperature does not change while the solid is melting. The best explananon for this phenomenon is that the heat absorbed by the mixture -...--.-m=~--1*'1 —. w rwlf- mww 11...)..w-rm1-rfy “ms-1"" .-. A) 15 lost to the surroundings very quickly is used 111 overcomlng the int molecular attr tions in the solid? .4......,....._.. ...-.e~-.. w.m.1.-a..=..~,,.1..s._.._ . “1.14. u-_1 ........n.._.,.1._......._...u~ M.-.A-1..w. .1- L“... C) causes the nonbonding electrons in the molecu es to move to lower energy levels D) 15 used n1 breaking the bonds within the molecules of the solid E) causes evaporation of the liquid 42. A 2 L sample of N2 gas and a 1 L sample of Ar gas each originally at 1 atm and 0°C; are combined in a l L tank. If the temperature is held consgant, what is the pressure of the gases in the tank? New '1} 1:. 1 x... A)1atm B)2atm C)[email protected])4atm E)5atm W at 11.1.1111 11- 11:11 Pt 11I=P" P1191": $111313 atm 43. Which flask above contains molecules with the greatest average speed? Liahltfi‘l’ and. fl" ‘EW 44. Which flask above contains the smallest number of molecules? {g3 fimallw’t “l? Willa ‘l 'l" 45. Which flask above contains the gas with the greatest density? (E) More. “mm,” 411,3 .39 I; P F F 1s1‘1:.111111111 111 111-11.. It 1111’ H1 11" FE KKK Ni??? itfima 46.. The figure above shows that in solid hydrogen fluoride there are two different distances between H atoms and F atoms. Which of the following best accounts for the two different distances? A) Accommodatign of the necessary bond. angles' in therformation of thg §g11d (E) Difference in strength between covalent bonds and mtennolecular attractio ”113 "_ _ __,...... “EH—m...“ Mow WWWu-nw 1.. M a D1fferent isotopes of fluorine present in the samples U) Uneven reptilwions among nonbonding electron pairs _ 1 '1 1 ; q aim the «an; m QAL 1111113111111 :; 11,1, 1} 1/ J??? '3- 1‘1 s :3 47. The figure above represents three sealed 1.0 L vessels, each containing a different inert gas at 298 K. The pressure of Ar in the first vessel 13 2.0 atm. The ratio of the number of Ar, Ne, and He atoms in the vessels IS 2: 1: 6, respectively. Afier all the gases are 7 combined in a prewy evacuated 2.0 L vessel, what IS the total pressure of the gases at 298 K? - A1.30atm B)45atrnfl>C)9.0atm D118atm '- MIN-M. Mummammnm Whichemefauwing Wmnmmmmmmm 51131113911111: 9....» snug. 11.. ”,1 mm ,1.» u_.,.-...fl.mw ‘ {Wemuhfifigggmm Winemne -. - Wmnminfiflm Pm- pin-{w www- Ime—Ap-llwmmlvm." ,W hmfldf £13) «mmmawmmmwmwm Whamtnemmmuflwmge mmmmmnmmgimw (€31 81¢: wfiIMamwmwmmmm themesuemfmrnpmm m 11.11 Rafi: niiimammifingmmmmw mm imnmsmzfmtha 11111111 wthsm‘km 12112ka 1111111111 Met} Metallic Making Common . Radius Paint; Oxidation (pm {“(31 81211111 _mm- —mm~ Tameka 1911.1 stronger and hmder, it is 011211 alloyed with ether melals.nucit as {21.1 mi Ag. Censider me 111111313, one of A11. and Cu and can of An and Ag. ens}: with the me male {1111111011 at" A11. lithe AuiCu 11110} is 11.111321111111111 huffing alloy, then which 0111111 failewing is the has! explanation based on the infamatien in the (11111913111119? {A} {31.1 has 'lws cnmzmm axiliaiien states. but Ag has 0:11]; elm. (13} (311 has a higher inciting paint then As 1111512111: Ag, bass Wmlfing point ”1.111.111 A11 has. _, .. ’ (C3 C11 11111113 éenméfi 1111111TW 111nm. thus may integrate men-— with Ilasdvspiaeement 1/; - in atoms 1:: 19111 ”1111; .1 1 W... {11} Cum atoms 111511155 [3911111 than me an or :13 morn-t. 111115 (311 has weskerintuparficle omen. 48-50 refer to the table to the lefty/1 TE: 111191 48. The average kinetic energy of the gas molecules is- A) greatest in container A B) greatest mmcwgn‘tainerwg C) greatest in container C (@156 samlgm all‘wthr}? cmlfiefs f5) 49. The density of the ”gas in g/L,1s _ . 1111.11.11.11,“ A) greatest in container A (E) greatesL 1n container B j ’1: P So mere 99,11113113 C) greatest in container C D) the same in Wmfleqeflcontainers 50 If the pressure of each gas is increased at constant temperature until the condensation occurs, which gas 31111 condense at the lowest pressure? W (20.51“ 10 ‘1) Methane B) Ethane (“C1 But ”:15? D) All will condense at the same P 1:11 ”1 1" 1515111 is $511 11131133113 3:1 "1E: :11. Many->01 :91 mm n“ L” 19041 Bani-am 1111,51 1113111 mm $ 3% 53. E3 3 g SW 1. The graph above shows the. speed dintrihution (if moiecules in :1 sample 111’ a gas at a certain icmpemtum. Which of the {911111111113 graphs shunts the speed distriburien efflze name miecuies at a lower temperature {as admired curve} ‘1 flanker of Mem- _ Hum 111' Molewlfis x‘ .4 Free Response P 1. in m Mimi .3113 3133 xii.“ in a rigid; lfl‘L. flint. injpmmgmflmfl; ”mnzanmaiiiqmjdszflmnfii is Ham mm 33:; W M WM :15 haunt fiftfii'mei Wilt-ml? 3iquisi em: infinity Mm; 33313313139; flw Inmates Elm summit nffiqnifi Biflnmzfli in: firm NEWMWMSWL Emmi hankeringfifiiti nif’iflfi'ifl sum! arm Eagljflilx'ium “rm mm Hf iiEflfl Mai 33%: {a} Wham HIE-W aifiqameflnmfiii ihnflaxkris mum is 3312: 11mm: infimfiqakzgmam than, has than, mmmfifirmaflfim Mu :3 min 4m mowM of thunk remains condom, so no More .. Vapor .25 {Torn/1L5. and 4M Pregame Ekaudd 11am! film V6465" {Dwaruefi {In} The flask-E55 than beam in‘flfi-“ET-nniiihi maxim in 3mm immm. mm 3137mm smmiarflmm pminh’mi‘fl mus flint firmwares Enflm fiaskés gmtaatafi‘flm mififiqfll 3 ~ Tha pcwhcum WE! mthm more 09m and WPHA menu 41;»: a” 6‘4 “A: high? “Emil _ .__ _ " ...,.. fl... “flu-“mm. mmflwmp mm»,m 2' Summaries {if Cflfg} and! (91(3) are 133m in l Lcuninimts atflw candifians indicatad in the diagram bLQaHuSQ “N twain: ‘W‘ ”'8 ‘5 45‘ EHSEKU‘ _ belew. - 2 atm ‘ “ 'i min EST 25“!) ii} Indicate mew average kinetic angrgy at" the. {Egg} mnlacules is greater {hm @ m“ fess than the. eyeing: kinelic mag}! of {he (30(3) maincules. iusiifir 3mm" BBSWEL Wu.) be-‘k 0.31.3 M {has Simmer hm? . {ii} indieate whether [ha moi-mm—mum speed fifths: ' ng'g; mniecnies is greater illiims aqua] in, {3.1 . Shawn thanthe mot-mammeam speed :1me mfg) .mofmles.5usfi¥y youransmm QC) .1 has a ‘W‘QU Molar man-.35“ “Ham: U), so \ ls {iii} indicate whether the number Inf calm} mommies is gain? than, equai m, {1&3} the Humming: _ mm mfliecalESJU'gfifi your MSW“ Tint P er? £59, (“a 195:5 so 4km are {linear indium-leis EBWBJQ “my“ 4N, V i. T we. MM Selma, ' 3‘. A rigid Emignyfimgmfiaim flit-fig a: 3313ng maxim $2135; 44/. 53 N; y we , 0375 m N2 ‘ 33.0303. ,4 me! 0.315 2353 Mb 32.039» -M|Q,_ {fig}! meim iMMtalgmmfiaahmofflwgwnfixMwinchfinderufigfi 33. "W ___ 11 RT ”P (5.93,) L.) = (”1533313 )(O'Dwxg‘qa n) 33%} Tim mmmmumnfmgflnéxminfiiwyfinwismmw‘i . .r=.: - ' L Eniluwing, ”P3émhi—i‘gg‘3 O.%'15mu fiufiflfi ‘I: - M-W’” ' (mama o-Wfl b 0' DD mew P (5 ,w L“) ~.. {maixoeen 28M 5' 3- :- .' a _-e ’.1_ . ... “i"l’b Mp“; A ‘ ‘ (£1) WW 13919} mmgmfiimgflf N193) lfltifltfilmsm 1:13.51“: 0.500: 93;;- ¥ ‘ P u: H D. Nuu?¢- $.61 CAM {a} 1mm cgfinfififiefihps n'fifihfiiflfiifiikflkmflfifim m- fiixmmw wuififife 9‘ '“ -- mia W in the [email protected]finmmi? Jusfify yflumnawa N: has [1 5‘3in ma“ ma“ *- ”‘9‘” a} “memzaimfiamr 311$ inmwfimm X: m , “mil-“fir 93(3) link. anti insiir ~H\m‘t 03; A dimmer rigid set: L cylinder contains 9.3% mi of NW3} 3% $98 it. A 0.116 ml min 91‘ filig) £5 Wlomcfiim.mmamflmmmpmém {witgi r L-R- “Ind-190.1119 mot 0.1mm! 0mm! ,{d} WfiwfiwmhmeqmionfmmamcfimmNo {- 01 m“: 2N0a> 2ND + 01 M) 1ND; {a} (2an mm! primate. in am. in thecylindw at 2&3 K mettle mailing kemykfie, 0 . ‘7 ‘9 “1°14 .089 m‘ 0. r: 1:. mi Pw’f‘i‘mJ‘ rem: _ * 1M} ‘ 0 M4 E3“ 0 \m mai 0 u 7-119,“ "icy'i . Mai f1: 3 _ - its“ —-—---- “ 4_ xmogw "i- xcns) + 702(3) _ P (5 pm) :. (D. tlfiibfififilfllqfiz IL) 11m equation above represents lite decampesifivn of a «Impound caniainingim autism eicmcnt, X. A 3 .39 g WWMW in sample nf Xmfis} was mptebely «comm by heading. The. gas pmdumifiyihe Man was eepaumd K.“ I - fl £43.) over water in n Wfiwflna tube a! MO‘C. The rain! vobume 01731: in the time was .106 mL. and the £013! pressure inside the tube was; dctcrmimd (a be 739.5 ton“. The Viper pressure: :3ow is 224 mn- at 243°C. (:1) Caiculateihegmfinlpmssum,inturrmflhe Ozighhnlwas mi!¢c[m3m%fi°€. "HQ-5f 33'” z (b) Cakulalelhemmfimmfmmemf (13(3) cutlecleda‘tfl‘m rpv: “RT Cit-1‘ l imrjio' 5m” L} '5 3'1 (galal‘gxaffi K) n : O ‘ Diqto m 03 {c} thiamine the number ufmales of Kmfis) (hat memd. “(3 . 0““: waif-3; 3;,{9‘ ma‘ (3?» (‘2): 0 ‘ '5 i WW1 X 313% W vnréi X31303; .. 1 mai YUDB mmwflm Ed) Bammimihemalmmefmacompounfi. M: m _ ‘ in“. ~ «Mm. _ (a) Mnemnfdcnmyefniemmtx. V‘l 0-DLE‘ ma ‘ IDES/NO! a) iota g/ml — Siffj/M a Silk}: alwléfiwgibjlwg CL / _ 5. A muck-nt- wasaasiguwd the: task 05 dehmaining the mimt mm {if an WW1: gas. Tim. simian!" measured the: mm (if a seniafi 843 mL rigid flask mat mankind airy ail: Th3 simian? their flashed the flash; with the: anknawn gas, maniac! it, and mammal the mass again. Hath inn air anti flan WW3 gas Ware.- atflflflqfl anti TED“ turn The m far lira amynrimnaf: 9:3 slam in. the: table heifewa ' - - Vaiuuw af sanaai am Mass nfsealnd flask anti airy m‘r 1511a g Mass mi“ swim! flmk anal unkmwn gas 153113 g Ga} Cakulaia the mm in gmma a? lhn dry air that was in the aeafied flamk‘ (The density at? airy air in mg g L“ mam: and 75am.) 0: 2 L19, ., fl. @= v 19: 0.554% m "FAQ’S Hear (b) Caicuiatetha mmingrmnmnfihe sanietfiflaski‘tselffi.n.,ifithadnoniriniil IS’L 193 _. 0.995 51 =- (a) {Taicuialntha magaiagramanfihennknnwngas that wasmidndtnihnsealedfiaak. 153.033 ‘ 351““?! QR ‘ (Ii) Msmgtha infammfinn album caimuiam the: mini: nf i113 mam:- mass; ufihn. aaknm gas. M 2 LR— ”FIVE HR? (—750.+9rr5(0.3q31¥) '—"~ (1 ((03.3%))(aqb E.) n: O_qug mal Afiznn the mpm’mant was. nnmpieied, the: instants: Manna flan student {hat {ha nnknnwn gas was Bartram ’ - ,.‘ a [.31‘3' ' axmaegaaa gmafi‘iL M ‘ :Wom \HWM 0.70%‘42 no! {a} Calcakalg tbs [meant min the valna cf flan {[113in mass micalatad in pant {a}. 0/0 2.. W 3! loo 2 . . o . {f}: Fm each an!" tilfl faflawing tum ramble Wes, indinma whethnr ii'hy :itsnif maid ham bean respnnsihln fur flag: arm: in: thaa student’s nxpnri mania! mu. Yum nand. uni mam any azalnnlntinna with War anawn'r. Fm each aaf Han- panhIa gamma justify yum answer. Gncwrnnnn .i: The Hawk was; inmmplntniy flushed with (102(3), making in mama day air making intimflask. Yb — ltsa (10;, uni-flask mauiri can». a gamiiv‘ mass M 019;, $0 M would in. mauw 'flcnumenm 2: Thfi Eempnratum uf rim air wax 213°C, but the temyemnmz {sf am (302ng was inane: than _ fimrepmnd EEC. No — AJr adder in“? am {:02 Manama” wqujd 3m gjma had-Lair 4% mam momma” would 5% “a 44-114,“.«59'. . Mu awagg nomad 0M «Elf-Mimi (g) Warifia time amps af 3 Enhnmtary methad that the stucfiant maid am 11:; verify that am vulama nfthi: rigid 11M; manic! saw. in: M lama a: flash is 843 m'L ill-233%“ ‘f’na nneé nutincludfie any calculatinns with year answer; 1 Fill ihgflafik is: Hm. um“:3 in? we“. Maxi-cf and pour cit-lo 0:. 153520 ml gradamimi mjimd-m‘ 1 it? mausuw +1“: unimmi. ‘ 6. Ant-mam far each (film inilnwing flhsmafim ahauz yaim 0f :5qu In yuan answers, m apprupfiafn ‘ gn'mipfns nfchemicai banding andfna' WEWM {Erma Ia email yam your mm must innlada mfirmms in bath subafianms. ' ' {a} Eventhaaggh NH} anti (3H4 haw similar molecularmassna, NH: haaa'mnnfi higharnmal hailing mini _ (agygmm (314 9.1.3400; NHE, has v2.93 gram: H bands bt’rwmn malafiuleg and (Ll-L, imfi ! Var-3 weak LDF batman—1 molnmks‘ I’r +aus more E +0 samurai-him (in) At 25°C and 1.9 ntnaeéizmiczfifi} isagns and hexane {Cg-1M} isnfiqaiai. . fiv-E-E‘MMS EA Haw—dis W was . 3m oi «+£9.51. haw; am: bv’iwu“ ”WW-M5, Lani Cal-5m has sirowfiu- LDI‘: humans: a} [5 Q, in) Si. mans atamunh higher inmpamatum (game) than (32 iw'lfli"C).. 1M3.» melanin 3. f5 Maw: paiaratafiam . S; has Siroans coumlud bnhdza flag} ham-k bL swam +0 mH- mm C81 has» anew.) wiflk LN: fwmifi {:33 Mgfi mallaatnmacn highwiempmmfizsfifiTcim N913 {993“‘3 +M£mi magi Em. Sapmrmim‘ it?“ WIN; , I 'Boik CAN. imia bani WI €31 ha: a sironfiu“ hum}, sawed {Wham ink)? hmiamfifl r3} 7 fag-‘5. Mirage?“ UNCUHILS (*é and ”3) i. Cowycw‘ad it; WOLF CH and '1) J Haw-3, ham £13,. £4 iv‘mlgatr Miwmimw‘a 7- Answereech of the {aiming in terms of principies inf molewla'r behaviur anti Chet-trim] concepts.‘ {:1} The structures for glucose, 15351-112135, anti egreiehesuue, (361112,: areshewnhelow. Cflzflfl H 31 two ale—meg axe/i: \gfl - ”\C/fi in. fig . H . . no“! \(sgmgl/ ken: H! \Emg/ in x "x. __ s x. H {3H H H identify the typefie} ef intermuleneiiar mti‘tre fixes in (i1; pum-gtemm ‘ H Ebndlfllfi) , CLKPO‘C *&\?G§Q,} LDF {it} purecyeiumene Log; . w (h) Glucose is scalable in water but 6351mm is not soluble in Wee Eaglaim ; E—lucese Mm 423nm ei "will H tum mic, milk welt r in wt angel elm t. K‘Mfif’ ram ‘ (6) Consider the; two processes represented bellow. H 0' H D ‘ . l Pmeese'l: Emmi-i} —-s figfifig} sea a serum mur' marital --~> (3&5 H emits are. separaidu . -i = l: - _=_-n_ V F HI I ., Emmi." Hana} ~3~ Bfifi+ 2 flats} AH — +§£€Umol Lilia; __,) lit- Q 02, LOULLlawi bOhcigll/l “tip 3 J 395' 0AM lawman {i} For each of the twn precesses, identify the typefs} of intermoieeulnr mf' ilntramuieeular Wave farms that must be overcome for the protease ta omen {it}: Indicate whether you agree or disagree with the statement it: the box befow. Support your answer with a short. explanation I meaty-u. with this shalt. Mimi . Ebilt’ng muolues Scfoerwimg “in, H 130de helmet“ theme-hr elitist Wit-i CUM! 4141 .__,_._.w-..._.. ._ vaporihai isfil‘ormeol is slit! ”2.0: 3. Answer the fefinwing questions by using principles inf mullemlnr structure mid intennefeeufiar film {a} Sir-em of the pyridine mulecale and. the benzene'mnleeule are sm‘ twitter. Pyridine is soluble in “taken, whereas benzene is met callable in water. Amtrak for the differmme in suitability Yen must éiseuss m of ' the snbstanees in gent-answer, . i , a, . PU“ elm L 13 Polar anal be In? wt. 5* H H H t»; 5 ii V‘s 1" h 1’ t5 non Polar , . ’ K ' {5*}?cwc“ meC‘h walk-tr is Pwlot‘ soflhapkarlc-hn'a ‘5 O \ H61 ,a fill 'MH Hm£< fut-I Com form dipole ~ alienate «Forces 7‘ XCEC (:26 wt”! Wat-4W Md humane camel“! ‘ ’ f b. if ”K H Emmi H H K H Pyridim Renae-me (b) Draw a water molecule in a correct orientation to illustrate the attraction between a water molecule and a pyridine molecule. Use a dashed line to represent this attraction and label the type of intermolecular force this would demonstrate. ...
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