Year 4 Homework Tests



Maths homework is sent home every other Friday and the children have one week to complete it. This will be linked to the area of Maths which the children have been learning that week, to help consolidate their learning.

Additionally, the children have Leapfrog to learn each week. For more information regarding Leapfrog, please go to the Maths link.


Spelling tests take place on Friday. The children are given 15 spellings to learn each week. Spelling test books are sent home and the tests and results can be found in these.

Learning Logs

Your child will complete a learning log task which is due every two weeks, running from Wednesday to Wednesday. They will be on themes we are covering in class or chosen from class discussions with the children. Learning Logs are an opportunity for you and your child to work together. They can be completed in anyway your child chooses and covers two pages. For example they can be: written, fold out pictures, diagrams, photographs, short videos or anything else you can think of! Learning Logs are shared and celebrated in class before a new task is set - have fun! Here are some examples of Year 4 Learning Logs in action.



Year 4's Homework Timetable

TuesdayMaths/Times Tables Practise 
WednesdayGrammar Task/Reading
ThursdayMaths/Times Tables Practise 

Topic Question

Spellings practise for test following Friday 

Homework will be posted below, including Friday topic questions. 

As well as following the timetable above, the children are encouraged to read regularly at home and practise their times tables.

ENGLISH- Key words/ Spellings/ Grammar Tests

MATHS- Timetables Tests/Weekly Maths Tests

Year 4 Spelling List

  • 1. Prefix super, sub, inter.doc
  • 2. Prefix anti, non, auto.doc
  • 3. Prefix pre, de, re.doc
  • 4. Prefix in. imp, imm.doc
  • 5. Suffix ing - two syllables.doc
  • 6. Suffix en, er, ed - two syllables.doc
  • 7. Suffix ous.doc
  • 8. Suffix ous.doc
  • 9. Suffix tion, cian.doc
  • 10. Suffix sion, ssion.doc
  • 11. ch sounding k.doc
  • 12. ch, que sounding sh, g, k.doc
  • 13. sc sounding s.doc
  • 14. ei, eigh, ey sounding a.doc
  • 15. Possessive apostrophe - plurals.doc
  • 16. Possessive apostrophe - plurals.doc
  • 17. Irregular tenses eep to ept.doc
  • 18. Irregular tenses end to ent.doc
  • 19. Homophones long o.doc
  • 20. Homophones long i.doc

Year 4 Grammar Practice Sheets

Maths Prompt Sheet - Work being covered

Weekly Maths Practice Sheets

Times Tables Practice Sheets

New spelling list 11/03/2016

Spelling List - 18/03/2016

Spelling List 01/04/2016 - Easter break spellings

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