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Our game guides get asked all the time about what it’s like to monitor our games and watch teams as they try to escape. Sometimes, the adrenaline of trying to escape gets the best of people and everything else goes out the window. So, we thought we’d give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the craziest things that have ever happened inside Amazing escape rooms Sacramento California. Some stories are from our own locations and some are from other companies who have shared their stories online, but they’re all exciting!

These people come in with determination and the best intentions, but somewhere along the way they get caught up in the room and decide to just enjoy the experience. Forget about the escape room puzzles goal – these teams just want to have a good time with whatever time they have left in the room. We offer the perfect place to experience one of a kind, challenging, and unique experiences for all those special occasions. You will need to work together (as part of a group) to solve unique and challenging puzzles, connect the clues we have given you, and escape the room in under 60 minutes!

Amazing Escape Rooms Sacramento California

Once you step into your game room, you’re in a whole new world where everything you see is a potential clue. However, some of our teams take this a little too literally. In all of our Amazing escape rooms Sacramento California near, we supply a bin or basket for players to keep their belongings while they play. Sometimes, people get so caught up in the game that they forget the stuff in the basket isn’t part of the game! We’ve had people go through their own team’s purses, jackets, and even wallets trying to find clues before remembering that those are their own items! Good for them for being thorough – but maybe be just a little less thorough next time.

A person has a funny story about friends of theirs who went to play an escape game. As chance would have it, the friends were locksmiths and decided to use that to their advantage during the game. They escaped, but they did it without using any of the clues in the room! They just cracked all the locks one by one until they were able to find the way out. Definitely an inventive strategy, but probably not a very fun one.

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Something our game guides have noticed is a trend where for no reason, several groups in a row will think the same way – and not because they’re on the right track. In our research, we learned that this isn’t unique to The Escape Game – other escape room companies online have confirmed the pattern. For example, say there’s a book on a bookshelf that groups normally completely overlook. For some reason, as soon as one group notices the book and thinks it’s the key to their escape, several other groups later will have the same idea – even though there’s no correlation between the groups whatsoever.

Some people theorize that it has something to do with the item giving off an appearance of having been used while other people theorize that somehow, your ideas stay in the room after you’ve left. No matter what the reason is, it’s a strange coincidence that’s hard to ignore. Believe it or not, escape game proposals are becoming more and more popular among players. Almost every escape room company will have a story about someone asking to propose in one of their rooms, usually by replacing one of the final clues with the ring. We’ve had this happen right here at The Escape Game, too!

We encourage customers to use the restroom before the game so you don’t interrupt your game once you get in the swing of things. But, we get it, sometimes you just have to leave the room to go to the bathroom. In one of our rooms, a player was so immersed in the experience that they didn’t even bother to leave the room; they took the opportunity to pee behind a tree in our game. Of course, the game guide stepped in and the team had to leave the room for a while so we could completely sanitize the game before letting them continue. When in doubt, use the restroom before you play so you don’t end up in this situation!

Escape Room is the perfect destination for employee outings, team building events, private parties or charity events. Employees want activities that that are fun and unique – companies want a stimulating experience that forces cooperation and teamwork. Escape Room is the perfect combination of these desires! Thank you for your interest to book your Corporate Team Building session with Amazing escape rooms Sacramento California! We offer unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for businesses big or small! Regardless of your group’s size, gender, physical ability or purpose, Escape room has the right events for you!

We are an indoor facility that allows you to come dressed in plain clothes with no special clothes requirements. As a team building location, we are designed to help facilitate your corporate group by offering a challenging experience that hinges on communication and cooperation! All the things that make team building activities productive. We offer a discounted rate to corporations & have compiled a tiered pricing structure. You are charged by the experience, with each experience lasting up to 60 minutes (unless you successfully escape the room before the 60 minute timer runs out).

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Defenders of the Triforce is an escape room game, but there's no locked door and escaping isn't the end game goal. Instead, SCRAP uses the real-life puzzle format to retell the story of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the space of one hour. The twist: The game's heroes have already lost, and it's up to your team to solve puzzles and break the seal on the Master Sword to defeat Ganondorf. It's a solid idea and meshes well with the Legend of Zelda series' history of puzzles -- but you won't be pushing blocks or lighting torches here. Instead, you'll be doing math, deciphering glyphs and turning in worksheets to a cast of Zelda-themed taskmasters. It's fun, but it's not exactly the adventure you might have expected.

Arithmetic, word games and brain teasers are a key part of any escape room experience, but in Defenders of the Triforce, they take center stage. This is partially because SCRAP's Zeldagame breaks from the typical escape game in one major way: Instead of being a small, intimate experience hosting just half a dozen players, Defenders of the Triforce takes place in a ballroom where teams of six square off against dozens of other groups. This means most of the gameplay amounts to fetching puzzles from various places throughout the game experience and bringing them back to your group's table to solve. One puzzle had my team decoding the words from a series of brain teasers and then solving a puzzle composed of answers to decipher our next instruction, which amounted to "turn in this worksheet to the Zora's Domain station." It works, but it feels a little sloppy. My team wound up wasting a lot of time waiting in lines to turn in homework.

Still, the game's organizers put a lot of work into making that queuing experience fun. Each taskmaster was dressed as a Zeldacharacter. There was a shy but polite Zora princess to guide us through the tasks of the water kingdom, a joyous dancing Goron to enthusiastically dole out puzzles and a giggling Kokiri elf to guard the Deku tree station. To get access to their areas, players had to abide by specific rules: Players can't start the second Zora's domain quest unless they carry an accessory gained from a previous puzzle, for instance, and they can't access the Temple of Time area unless they have unlocked the chest containing a key item. Defenders of the Triforce may feel a little like grade-school homework, but the cast's enthusiastic role-playing wraps the pen-and-paper puzzles in an air of excitement.

Defenders of the Triforce turned out to be a fun evening, but it wasn't quite what our group expected. As we left the venue, my friend turned to me, slightly exasperated. "We had to do tedious paperwork. We were under the gun," he said, noting the tension of the game's 60-minute time limit. "I felt like I was at work!" If it was a day on the job, at least it was a good day. We left with smiles, joking about how if we had just figured out that one clue a little sooner, we would have triumphed over Ganondorf in the end. We didn't. And that's OK.

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