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@n7: Interesting stuff you got there, but I have some questions about what you just said. If Kidman is supposed to have let Ruvik out, why was she so determined to killed leslie? Her goal was to keep Ruvki as far away as possible from the poor dude so I'm not quite sure where she exactly decided to let Ruvki off the hook. It just doesn't add up. Clearly she entered the STEM world through other means too, since in the end it was shown that she wasn't really hooked up to anything.

It's possible that she looked at Ruvik at the end of the game but it's just as possible that she looked at Sebastian and told him to be quite. Either ways, it'a hard to tell. Though If I'm being honest, the Ruvik theory, while possible, doesn't seem to add up with Kidmans initial motivations. Plus, Kidman seemed to have some respect for Sebastian as she tells him that he's indeed a good man so again, it's hard to determine her stance based on what we've seen so far, since there are just too many variables. But like you said, Kidman has a two part DLC campaign so hopefully it'll elucidate some things.

She didn't let him(Ruvik) out, she let Sebastian out. See, the problem here lies with the old issue of "Are collectibles in video games something the character themselves reads through and understands, or is it just narrative salt and pepper for the player and only the player?" because there are quite a few documents you pick up that could lead Sebastian to a couple of conclusions that he never comes to. So while Kiddman eventually learns that Ruvik wants Leslie so he can transfer into him and escape into the real world, Sebastian doesn't get that.

Also, I should totally warn you, this next thing I'm going to talk about might sound completely idiotic and stupid, but bare with me, I promise I will make my point.

At the beginning of the game you find a document, one of the first collectibles. It gives you the first taste of what this "STEM" is. It's called "Boiler room note" and in it, it explains that they were doing a STEM system operation test. Then it goes on to say "Anomaly occurs. Not with the subject; the stenographer claimed they weren't feeling well and then fell into a coma for reasons unknown. Doctors order the STEM system terminated." they then go on to say "Staff begin complaining of nausea and falling unconscious one after another. Those who can still move plan their escape from the hospital but for unknown reasons are unable to. Though the STEM system should have been deactivated, subjects maintained brain wave synchronization with the host." and finally "He... that man appeared."

Something went wrong and the STEM began affecting people... uh, wirelessly. They weren't hooked up, but they were pulled in regardless. So, my original theory, while long and drawn out(And almost immediately disproven) was that this was going to be some sort of weapon, and it accidentally went out and just so happened to connect to the mind of a madman. That was not what ended up happening though.

Now, again, bare with me, I'm making my way to a point. For the sake of argument, let's say that while active, the STEM can affect people wirelessly, that it somehow sends signals to people, knocks them into a coma but maintains the brain wave sync with the system(I mean, I say "let's say", but the document just confirmed that this is a thing that can happen). With that information, let us go over what Nolan North's character said later on in the game(This time I'm paraphrasing because it's not a cutscene so I've got no idea where to look). He explains that Ruvik must have been desperate to destroy a STEM terminal. Point here, "a STEM terminal". That implies, to me, that there are more of them. So this could easily explain how Leslie was able to get out of the hospital underneath Kiddman and the Organization's noise.

I know, that's a dumb answer "Oh, he was just somewhere else". But really, it was either that or he wasn't at a terminal, but rather somewhere else in the hospital and he just broke out once he woke up in Leslie's body. Now, that also sounds kind of dumb and a little anticlimactic, but there is evidence to this: Leslie not only has broken out of the STEM machine before, but he has also escaped the hospital before. With Ruvik's cruel intentions and Leslie's memories, it's easy to think that he could have just, simply put, found a backdoor and gone through it.

Perhaps when Sebastian saw Leslie(Who is now completely under the control of Ruvik) walking away, it was Ruvik's way of taunting him. "You can't keep me here". The implication of course, as he simply then disappears, is pretty much confirmation that he's somehow taken control of the STEM system and brought his powers into the real world. Some sort of Freddy Kruger type deal.

And to a final point, since Ruvik was the one who created STEM, and is the heir to a magnitude of wealth, it's entirely possible that he will continue his research and continue to build STEM machines. That's all conjecture, mind you, but we can only unravel this stuff by talking it out, and apparently I have a lot to say.

Personally I find it really fun to talk about this stuff. Everywhere you look, there's more stuff to find.

Immediately to your left upon starting the chapter will be the Mobius logo on the wall. Shine your light on it to open the crack in the wall and leave through it. Follow along the path and you will hear more of the interview with the Shadowy Man from the televisions littering the sewers. Crawl under the walkway to discover how to detect the invisible enemies. You will see an axe you will need to kill them, wait for the enemy to be facing away and walk over and grab it. Watch the enemy as he patrols until he comes back and keeps walking towards where you started, sneak up and use the axe to sneak kill him. Before heading up the tunnel turn right and behind the metal barrier is a destroyed section of concrete that has a Soundtrack collectible on it. 

Walk up the hall/tunnel and turn to the left to see a gated area with a crank to open it. Immediately to your right is a red door, go through it. Sneak to the axe that is attached to the red light. There is an invisible haunted that patrols behind the shelving in front of you and out to the crank. This one cannot be sneak killed so hide behind a shelf in the back of the room and lure him over. Immediately leave through the red door and run to the crank to open the gate. Before leaving, turn to your left and enter the door beside you. Inside this room is another Research Document on a desk at the far side. Wait until you can see the haunted turning and walking back to the storage room to open the door and go down the ladder where the gate was opened. 

When you get down into the next area just go straight to the open pipe. A light creature will walk by but not harm you. Go through the pipe and drop down on the other side. Run down the path until a cutscene occurs. You will pick up a gun and have unlimited ammo to defend yourself from the onslaught of enemies. The crawling enemies take one shot to turn red and one shot to blow up if they are red. The light creature and normal haunted just take a few shots. 

In the room there is a ladder on one of the pillars leading up to the walkway above you. You will find another safe that needs to be unlocked. It's a single dial that needs to have three numbers entered in a specific order. You will find the combination to the lock on a pillar to the right of the walkway when you turn and face the length of the walkway with the ladder on your right as well. You will rotate the combination the direction it says to the number it says. Mine was Left 18, Right 8, Left 18. So click on the safe rotate the lock to the left to number 18, rotate the lock to the right to number 8, then rotate it back to the left to number 18 and it unlocked. This rewards you with your fifth Torn Paper scrap. 

You can drop back down and head through the lantern lit tunnel to the end and climb the ladder which brings you to another save couch. Go through the vent next to the couch and continue to the next area. Follow the path until a cutscene occurs. 

Walk ahead and to the left where the fuse box and circuitry was shown in the cutscene. Grab the fuse from the small box and put it in the large system to open the door next to you. Go through it and drown the ladder. Follow the path to the cross section and take the left. Shine your light on the Mobius logo to reveal a pipe you can crawl through. Go through it and up the ladder to another puzzle.

When facing the safe head, turn around and look on the wall to reveal another puzzle solution. Shine the light on it to see what squares need to be lit on the safe head. 

Go back down the ladder and out the pipe. Turn left and straight to the other side of the large pipe and climb up the ladder. There will be a crank you need to activate to open the gate. Go through the doors that opened with the crank and run right through this room to the doors straight ahead. The tanks in the room are all filled with the Trauma haunted. Run along the path until you come to a red door. On the other side is one of the fuse boxes you need to steal a fuse from. 

As soon as you get the fuse, turn around and head back where you came from. But, the room has a different feel and a Trauma will come out of one of the tanks. You are able to just run to the door at the other end and open it without getting hit if you are quick enough. If you can't get the timing down or I was just lucky, then when the Trauma comes out turn around and run back to the crawl crevice and hide from it, pop out the other side to get acquainted with the location and get spotted by the Trauma so that it runs down the haul lunging at you. Dip down into the crevice and back out the other side that you want to head towards and run towards the door. This should give you enough time to open the door to the next room. Once you are in the room you will see that the gate was closed again. As soon as you go to try and open the gate, the Trauma will break down the door you just came through. Just go and crouch behind the boxes and avoid his line of sight until he leaves the room. Once the Trauma haunted leaves the room you can go and open the gate. 

Make your way back to the fuse box and place the second fuse in the far right spot. This will open up a large grate below you so jump down and enter the tunnel. Follow it and up the stairs to a room that has a door to your left when you get up with just a locker, boxes in the middle with spikes on the right of them, a locked door ahead of that, and your red door to fuse box to the left. Grab the fuse and head back to the room you just came from. Run to the stairs you came from and Ruvik will appear and change the room. A haunted will enter the room from the locked door and patrol. When the haunted is on the right side of the door, lure him to go through the spikes and get killed. Then go through the door he was guarding. 

This room will have two haunted patrolling both sides of the room. You can round them up and get them to trip the spike trap for the trophy. Clutch Example Otherwise, You can time their movements so that you can avoid both and get to the lever that opens the gate. Then go inside the small space and pull the other lever to close off the gate you just opened so you can open the gate with the crank in peace. Once you go through the gate there will be a room full of caged haunted that start to come out at you. You can sprint to the door at the other end and kick through it. Jump to the other side, or if you fall down just climb the ladder up and place the last fuse in the center. This opens your exit below.

Go through the opening and follow the path to the door on the right. Go through the door and straight ahead on a barrel is another Research Document. Turn around and jump down to start another cutscene. After the cutscene, turn to your right to find another Mobius logo and shine your light on it to open a door. Go through it and there will be another save couch. 

Follow the stairs up and to the end of the path. Along the wall will be another Mobius logo to shine your light on and open a door. Go through the door for another puzzle. In this room there are three statues that can be rotated and the goal is to finish the Mobius logo like earlier in the game. Rotate the statue that is  ^ so that when you shine the light it completes the logo and a Research Document appears in a crevice. 

After grabbing the document, exit the door you came in and go right down the hall and open the gated door. A cutscene will play. When you regain control you are in the duel with Joseph. 

The duel isn't very hard. You just need to use the same tactics of avoiding line of sight as everything else. The hardest part of the duel is timing when to make a move on Joseph. He is very mobile and alert with a wide range of view to spot you sneaking up on him. You can make a quick move right after getting the axe to walk up and sneak attack him before he starts getting mobile. After that, run straight back from where you are into the next room and follow it looking for another axe. Repeat the process of letting him get somewhere you can dodge around obstacles and sneak attack him. It takes three sneak attacks and you win. After you beat him, a cutscene will play.

When you regain control, you will wake up in a new area. Take a couple rights around the house to the creaking chair noise and you will find a Personnel File on the chair after the room changes.

Leave the house through the door to see the statue the recording mentions. Turn right and head down the stairs and you will be in the market you and Joseph went through as Sebastian.

Follow right to the broken wall you can crouch and walk through. Smash the boxes to find the crate with a snail in it. Shine the light on the snail to get a new model.

Turn around and head back to the center where the statue is to find Leslie. The world will change again.

Take a left towards the gate and you will see some boxes on a platform. Smash the boxes to reveal another safe head. It's the same puzzle as earlier where you just need to make all the lights turn on to unlock.

Go back the way you came from and head to the end of the path to find a search light on top of a dresser. Turn around and head back to the center and place the search light on the standing pillar. Rotate both lights that aren't on so that they are shining on the pole in the center. Stand where the broken pillar is and shine your light on the pole to bring the statue back and open the door that Leslie went through. Go through the door and drop down to continue along the path.

After the brief interruption with the shadowy figure talking the world will change back. Turn right and crawl through the opening. Go straight through to the save couch if you need to save.

On the end table beside the couch is another Research Document to grab.

Leave the room and hang a right and head down the corridor to go to the graveyard. You will see a couple haunted head throw a pair of doors you will head toward.

When you go through the doors a short cutscene will play. In this section there will be a few haunted feasting on a body right in front of you with a couple patrolling on the other side.

This is the section that you get the Death Grip trophy. If you want it, just crouch behind cover to the right of the wall you start off in front of and lure the enemy group. Wait for them to start coming toward you and then go around the left side and get out of crouch and start walking past where they were crouching and to the right past an axe. Sprint up through to the wooden barrier, kick it down and then crouch to avoid being detected by the Cadaver's that come out of the coffins. The Cadaver's should take out one of the guys even before you need the second one to do anything, but you can also use the second one to take out an enemy or two when it explodes.

You can use a bottle to distract the haunted with a torch and get by through the gate. Don't kick through to avoid alerting the enemies on the other side. If you're in need of a bottle, there is one where the second Cadaver comes from. On the other side are a few more haunted to watch out for and another with a torch. Juli will alert you that there is a bell to ring to distract all the enemies from the gate. Around the corner to your left is a crevice you can call under to get to the haunted with a torch, where on the coffin is an axe. You can then sneak kill the haunted with a torch so that his light doesn't alert the others when you need to get to the gate.

There aren't any other haunted on this side with the torch haunted removed so run to the ladder to get up to the bell and ring it. The haunted will run to the bell and you can simply run to the gate that Leslie is at now. Using the gate will initiate a cutscene. You are now paired with Leslie and can continue along the path.

Along the wall in the farthest hole is another safe head. It is similar to the first one you found where the combination is the descending order of blood present on the buttons. Your reward is the final piece of the paper. Put them all together in the Archive screen from the pause menu to get the achievement.

Take a right down the corridor that Leslie is in front of and continue up the stairs. You will now be above the maze that Sebastian fought the twins at. Continue straight through the path in the middle until you drop down. Head up to the gate and try to open it. A short cutscene will play.

Inside where you tell Leslie to hide will be a Soundtrack collectible to grab.

Head to the wall marked with the Mobius logo and shine the light on it to open a path. Head straight and there will be another smaller logo on one of the grave structures. Shine the light on it and grab the small statue. Turn around and go to the next wall that you can open with the light and on the other side will be two more smaller symbols and you need to grab those statues as well. Don't mind the noise of the giant as he won't be a problem, yet.. Once you have the three statues head back to the gate. Read the note in front of the statue and it will hint at how to place them. When the statues are in the correct placement the gate will be able to open. Go through it.

One of the giants will chase Leslie through the other gate. Immediately run to the middle set of boxes and hide behind them. Wait for the giant to come to your set and just stay out of line of sight. He will walk towards the left side of the boxes and when he stops you can get up and run to the gate. Head up to the church and go through the door. A cutscene will play.

When you regain control you will have to outrun the shadowy figure. The first part is very simple just running straight but then you just have to start dodging duplicates of the shadowy figure and making turns to avoid him. Once you get to the hallway running without them in your sight you have to avoid the shadow hands that reach out at you. Basically hug the left and right side of the wall accordingly to avoid being hit and you will finish the game with another interesting cutscene.

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