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Kema Chikwe Across Borders: Selected Speeches and Essays include forty-five of Kema Chikwe’s speeches and essays, centering around the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon’s 3rd Millennium Development Goal, to “Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women” in the New Millennium. The book is also about attaining the civic and political rights of women and girls, around the world, Nigeria in particular, set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UD), and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) by the UN General Assembly in 1948 and 1979, respectively. In demanding dynamic and engaging government policies and the implementation of the policies in Nigeria, Kema Chikwe aims to transform lives.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about “The Danger of a Single story.” Dr. Kemafo Nonyerem “Kema” Chikwe’s essays add another story. As former Federal Minister of Aviation and Transport, former Ambasssador to Ireland and Iceland, and the National Woman Leader of the PDP, an insider story is heard. As a woman in a traditionally patriarchal society, an outsider story comes through—she is calling women to step through the barriers to the public arena. Her main story though is Nigeria—the essentialness of Nigerians, at home and abroad, toward creating hones democratic institutions.
—C. Joy Walker, Boricua Collage, New York

H. E. Dr. (Mrs.) Kema Chikwe, an accomplished trailblazer for human rights for women and girls, continues to lead the campaign for gender equality in Nigeria. As a fellow alumna of Queens’s School Enugu, I am proud of her and her success. The members of the Women and Family Affairs Committee (WFAC) of the World Igbo Congress, through the Better Woman Better Family Initiative programs, work to uplift the plight of women at the grassroots levels. We are thankful to have H. E. Kema Chiklwe as an ally as we strive for a better future for woman and their families.
—Iyom Chi Ezenwugo Ezekwueche, Chair, Women and Family AffairsCommittee, World Igbo Congress

Beautifully written!
—Chief Magistrate Oby Nwankwo, United Nations, CEDAW, Geneva, Switzerland

We worked very well together as partners between the two countries, the U. S. A., and Nigeria. I was the Secretary of Transportation in the Bill Clinton Administration, and Dr. (Mrs.) Kema Chikwe was the Minister of Aviation in the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Government. We hope that our colleagues in other countries will share our experiences as captured in this book, Kema Chikwe Across Borders: Selected Speeches and Essays, especially the successes of the “Open Skies Agreement” (2000), as well as the other sustainable development reforms in international air transportation.
—Rodney E. Slater, Former United States Secretary of Transportation (1997-2001)

Where would we be without Marie Linton Umeh’s brilliant book to remind us that “Female Empowerment” is the chord that empowers our entire Human Family!
—Al Cole, CBS Radio, People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards

A wonderful collection of Chikwe’s speeches and essays that showcases her brilliance in all disciplines that affect human behavior.
—Edgar J. Ridley is Chairman of Edgar J. Ridley and Associates


MARIE LINTON UMEH, Editor, teaches Global Literature, English Writing Composition, and Research Methods at CUNY and Boricua College in New York. She is the author of the biography, Flora Nwapa: A Pen and A Press (2010), Emerging Perspectives on Buchi Emecheta (1995), Emerging Perspectives on Flora Nwapa (1998), and Who’s Who in Contemporary Women’s Writing (2001). Her critical and theoretical essays appear in books and journals worldwide. She lives in New York with her family.


Administration, Gender Studies, Speech, Politics/AFRICA

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