Reflecting On Literacy Essay

Literacy narrative can be described as a narrative from a first person perspective. This narrative would be based on experiences the writer faces regardless in any face of his or her life. Reflecting on the literacy narrative I was given to complete, there were parts where I struggled to write and there were also parts I breezed through easily. To start off, I had struggled in making sure there were no errors in the process of me composing my narrative. With the advantage of making and submitting a draft prior to submitting the final paper, several grammatical corrections and sentence improvements was done and perfected to the highest extent possible.

Another struggle I faced was the emotional impact it had on me as I recalled every bitter moment from my past experience dealing with literacy. Time was also an addition to my struggle since I am working 9 hours a day as part of my internship and at the same time I had only one week to complete the draft and three other assignments for the class. Time management was a crucial aspect in the process of completing my literacy narrative. The part where I breezed to easily was the writing out everything that came to mind. I never faced the problem to describe every event that I experienced in words.

To further make my literacy narrative perfect, additional time would have helped extensively since it was a very word dense assignment. I’ve done several literacy narratives in the past in both the languages I am familiar with which is English and Malay. What made this literacy narrative different from the rest was the type of feedback I had from my draft. Every feedback given to me was helpful and had provided me the picture of the message that Mr. Krueger, my English professor was trying to convey to me. In the past, my experiences with feedback were rather vague or unclear due to the level of English proficiency my school teachers had. In the completion of my literacy narrative, the discussions that was assigned to the class really helped the whole process of writing. This was because all the discussions were based on literacy narratives from the textbook, thus this gave me a rough idea on how a literacy narrative should be.

The Importance of Information Literacy Essay

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Information literacy skills are used for academic purposes, such as research papers and group presentations. They are used on the job—the ability to find, evaluate, use and share information is an essential skill. They are also used in consumer decisions, such as which car or vacuum cleaner to purchase, are critical. Last but not least, they are used by informed citizens in participating fully in a democratic society through voting (Kenney, 2007).
Information literacy is conceivably the foundation for learning in contemporary environment of continuous technological change. As information and communication technologies develop rapidly, and the information environment becomes increasingly complex, educators are recognizing the need for…show more content…

They know where to look for the answer to both the common everyday information needs and for the answer to the more perplexing, less-easily-addressed, problems of life. They are familiar not just with where to look but also with the tools and processes required to find those answers. Zabel (2007) points out that efforts to train students to be adept at attaining information through a variety of mechanisms must be “integrated, relevant, ongoing, collaborative, and applied” if they are to be successful in preparing those students for success in their academic and professional careers (Zabel ,2007).

For students to be adequately informed about the value of the university library and resources such as the Internet in information retrieval there must be a careful collaboration between teaching staff and library staff (Kenney, 2007). The focus in this task, of course, is preparing students not just for the immediate research project at hand but rather to prepare them to be life long learners, to prepare them to be successful and productive once they leave the academic environment and take up their chosen careers (Lauer & Yodanis, 2012).

A search for information can take a variety of routes. It might entail a visit to the university library or to some other organization that maintains information on a particular subject. Academic libraries are indeed a critical tool in information

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